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Lifestyle Media and PR is a brand held by Santara S.r.l. which was born from an idea of its partners to innovate the concept of communication through the new working mode of the so called “user experience”. This is a constantly growing concept of everyday life, in all fields of application, from banking to the Internet of Things. We create a communication plan that drives your company to achieve results by improving its' visibility and consulting on how to set up live events, while strengthening and improving your customers’ relationship.

Our vision

We choose our customers. Not the other way around. All of our fields of application are designed around our partners’ work, sports and leisure life experience. Your satisfaction is our best reward.

Our strength

This is why you should work with us. First of all, we are Italian and it is well known that Italians are creative people. We’re a tailor-made country, so the communication of your company should be dressed the same as you, our services will focus on the people and not just on the product. We think your products must represent your person before your company, considering that your company is you. Being Italian means being useful with typical economical systems of our country. We work mainly with small and mid-size businesses to help people that don’t have a single assignment in a structured company. We work to arrange everything in an overlapping system inside the company, similar to what happens in a family. Our goal is to offer the same quality assurance as a handcrafted product applied to a large well structured enterprise with high spending capabilities, we can help you work better! Last but not least: we’re able to improvise, because to improvise is a good base to boost the creative work. In brief: we are new, different and nothing else matters. This is our strength.


Lorenzo Motta

Lorenzo Motta is the CEO and partner of Santara S.r.l. He’s a journalist and he gained a lot of experience in economical, product and sports reporting. Passionate about economy, finance and several different sports, including skialp, trekking, running, sailing and diving, he loves outdoor life and tries to live it whenever he can. Moreover, Lorenzo developed a passion for art and he’s used to visiting art exhibitions in Italy. He made yachting one of his most exiting life experiences, also due to the fact it could create very interesting public relations and became a way to do business on the ground, living the work integrated with the lifestyle. Sail and cruising were also a way to appreciate tourism with a different approach, being directly in touch with nature and the beauty of the seaside places, overlapping sport, leisure, globetrotting, food and wine tasting. Over this latest point the company has targeted: food and wine is what most pleasant a person could enjoy in his life and it’s one of the best offers known worldwide of the Made in Italy.

Riccardo Rossi

Riccardo Rossi is the innovation manager at Santara S.r.l. and he is currently studying computer science at Università degli Studi di Milano. It mainly deals with the creation of software (desktop and mobile) and the creation of Internet sites. He is passionate about electronics and computer science in general and beyond being one developer he also beta test software and reviews technology products.

Our services

Digital is the future and due to that is our first focus. Here you are how we can help you!

Press office

do you need to communicate with journalists or to set up a press conference? We can do it for you! We have a strong relationship with the press.

Assistance in fair

you decided to participate to a fair with your company and you would like to attract the highest number of visitors to your stand? We can explain to you how to do it!

Editorial contents

We’re able to text edit with care and to produce photo and video reportages, with a particular attention to the new media, which requires specific standards in post production.

Art direction

we’re able to produce for you and for your company any kind of texts, pictures and videos you may need, thanks to the partnership with the most skilled theatre director in Milan.

Consulting on event management with marketing and advertising strategy

we drive you to create your own event and we can sell you ready-made events, in order to boost your visibility. To buy those entire events or part of the ticket to attend the same events can also be a good idea to make gifts both for your customers and for your company’s employees. Moreover, it could admit your company to tax concession. Remember that we're a company based in the "Dolce Vita" country and we can make you enjoying it, with our events.

Brand and people promotion linked to business reputation management

throughout an efficient public relation campaign, we are able to introduce you and your company to new potential customers and to the most exclusive clubs, where you could find favourable environment for hunting your customers or business partners. We can assist you in case you need to defend your company way of working, whenever it could be engaged in discussions which may damage its social responsibility image.

Web Design & Web Marketing with product positioning and retail marketing

Would you like to be in Internet with a good web site well representing the image of your company? We can do it for you! Moreover, we can assist you in better performing a good digital communication for your products or services, using all the potential of web instruments, including newsletters. We can help you in choosing the best web advertising channels linked with your product positioning target, also addresing customers to your retail network.

Social media administration with
e-commerce interaction

Social media are not just a way to make your brand well know among people who may become your customers. They’re much more: a secure way to acquire information about your clients and your market and allow to you to sell directly to them through a new kind of
e-commerce services. Moreover, social provide a very good instrument to receive a feed back by your customers and to set up an efficient customer care.

E-commerce consulting

are you looking for starting your selling activity online and you have no idea how to do it or how to perform a good business with the digital channel? Don’t worry we can drive you in the web selling activity, solving any of your trouble. We start from building an online store which may well dress your needs and match your brand reputation.

FinTech consulting

we drive you and your company to the new user experience designed finance, which allows to access to the credit through new ways like crowdfunding to finance your projects or p2p lending to keep lower the interest rates, as well as stock exchange trading platforms constructed to better compare portfolios and markets.

IoT projecting and testing

internet of things is the future and the future is already today. Would you like to control any device in remote control through internet and totally free with the open source? We can find the solution you need. We can also test your IoT devices, in order to publish reviews on the web, about their functioning way.

Cyber security

Think about that each device you connect to your router and your intranet may open a door to hacking, so both in ordinary using of IP connection for web surfing and in special using like the internet of things you have to keep safe with a good cryptography.


We follow customers which operate in the following fields:


Art and culture






Internet of Things



Real Estate


Wine & Food


Pharmaceutical & Chemical





Scuba diving


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